Pattern Project

16. 6. 2004

My Impressions from Ireland

After the conference, I took a trip around the North_West of Ireland.

Stroke City

Derry / Londonderry

…the town, now peaceful, with its bloody history.

Conference Exhibition Set up


…what is all that e-technology good for, if I don’t have a hammer?




…Conference speeches and auditorium.

The organizing ERNACT-team was really nice and dedicated to the project, I feel very thankfull and enjoyed all the impressions very much.


Mayor and Minister backstage

…making broadband available to every citizen before the end of 2005.

Irish Whiskey

Reception in the Guildhall

We were invited by the Mayor to the Guildhall…and had some of the finest Bushmills Irish Whiskey…

Uri Geller

Uri Geller bending spoons

This was a great event on the conference dinner!

I myself am very suspicious on such things, but it was impressing, he came with literally nothing, only his person. And he did it. Bended spoons, moved a compass, and even made a seed grow. These forces are even scientifically proven, telepathy is being used in the army by US and Russia since a long time to transmit information without a possibility for the enemy to decode. And the same day Uri Geller showed his performance the news came in that a team in Austria had succeeded in teleportation of massive particles! >>>

Uri Geller teaching stuart to bend spoons

Though, Uri Geller made some further statements on politics and even ethical issues - which I found were really displaced! Also lots of them untrue - he claimed he could find gold and oil, and even make people do things - if it was that easy, world would be paradise ;-). And he came with this “change your life - you can, if only you really want to” and “think positive, this changes the world” - though after 20 or 30 years of praying this prayer we have seen that it just doesn’t work…

He even didn’t miss to talk about his friend Michael Jackson - and that he didn’t do these things…

This I call brain wash. There are some unbelievanble things he prooves right, and then people believe everything that comes from his mouth. We had this kind of missionary work some hundreds of years ago…
After the demonstartion Stuart talked to him; and Uri Geller let him try to bend a spoon by himself - and he succeeded!

Around Donegal

Horn Head

After the conference, I had two extra days which I spent driving round Donegal, the North Western most part of Ireland.
Only the roughest regions find my interest…as one of the hosts on my little trip put it: Germans seem to prefer the wildest landscapes….and me always searching for Iceland!
These irish landscapes can be found in Iceland, too, only much more extended, and much more divers; more colourful, more…
Only people here are much friendlier and more interesting than in Iceland. Always with a smile, always greeting. Here, they seem to judge a foreigner firsthand as a friend, unless he or she proofs the opposite. In my country, a not known person would be judged an enemy before she or he hasn’t proofed to be friend….

Catch of the day

Restaurant at the Meenlaragh harbour

What shall I eat? What is the catch of the day? Cod! great!
Again, it’s almost like Iceland…the way the snack bar is made, the people coming in and continuing with boats, kids coming and going…

Patterns everywhere

Bloody Foreland

Ocean Lodge B&B

Ocean Lodge, B&B – the most beautiful, peaceful place! but for the people who live here, may be boring, and since the ceasing of manufacturing companies, no way to get a job.
Maeve (what a beautiful name…), the host, so friendly, and look at the breakfast room!


TV-Programm at the Ocean Lodge

Bloody Foreland

The TV program so bad one can hardly watch. Suddenly Noel T. with a report about Northern Ireland and the efforts made to heal the country. He had been attending the e-Europe4all-conference as a guest, and while producing a pattern for his comment to my pattern blog, he explained me the facts about the situation in Stroke City. That was my greatest impression on the conference! Short and sharp, he spoke fluently German, even could reproduce Bayrisch…such a brilliant, gifted person. He, too, was fascinated by the fact that terrorism had developed into political issues; the main protagonists now being politicians and trying to solve problems through politics.

Though, protestants and Catholics not living together in Derry/Londonderry, but still seggregating to both sides of the river Foyle.

In the report I watched on the TV in my lodge he was talking about how something like the Truth-and-Reconciliation-Commission in South Africa could be established in N Ireland. He visited Bishop Tutu, and did not miss to interview persons opponing the process. Also mentioned a research group at the University of Ulster trying to find out, what is necessary to such a program to succeed.

For me it was all great to see that there are people really caring about what is going on, and putting their energy into the process. And to see some success!

Girls Girls Girls

Girls at Brinlack

Lots of kids in Brinlack. They are there to learn the Irish language! They come for three weeks from all over the country, because in this region, the first language is the celtic irish.
Funny to see them all having long hair, none of them with some shorter hair! and - at least half of them wearing - plaits! they are about 12 - 13 years old…

Mount Errigal and Glenveagh National Park Gardens

Mount Errigal

I climbed the Mountain, in partly sunshine, partly rain or fog. Only the last meters I could not do because of air sickness..
Glenveagh gardens most beautiful with bewitching scent…

Flying home

Aircraft inside

little Island hopper…