Pattern Project

16. 6. 2004

beccatevi il gaggiomorphing

mi sono fatto in tre
come i t-re magi


Leading the way

A great event to meet innovative an creative people.

The way



It was good - a lot of diversity, fun and interesting all wrapped into one conference.


here we are in stroke city, a lovely place for a very interesting conference. this is me expressing my creative side!!!!!!!!!

Noel T

15. 6. 2004

antsJaws in a patternGarden

Hello from the very North West of Ireland
ants are crawling around the screen of a man-made garden of coloured patterns.
This is beautiful Gertrude,
thank you very much

Maria Angela


The availability of broadband everywhere in the near future, combined with personal choice of access “device”, provides the opportunity for the “e-europe4all”. However, it requires us to find ways to unleash our creativity in order to find better methods of interacting. This has been the real advantage of the conference, its interactivity and exposure to “touch”

Colm Mc Colgan

Red Chair

This is a red Chair.
this is a red chair

10. 6. 2004


Have fun with creating patterns and commenting the conference at our computer terminal at the City Hotel Derry!
We start off on Tuesday 15th June.
You’ll have time until Wednesday to write your comments.

See you!
Gertrud Schrenk